The Value of a Mentor (Bhagavad-Gita)

The Bhagavad-Gita is considered the greatest devotional book of Hinduism.

Figure 1 source

Researchers recognize it as a spiritual classic and guide to the path of Truth. On the battlefield in chapter one, Prince Arjuna is overwhelmed with sorrow at the futility of war. In desperation, he cries out to Shri Krishna, who is Lord, and says:


“O my Lord! When I see all these, my own people, thirsting for battle, my limbs fail me and my throat is parched, my body trembles and my hair stands on end…I cannot keep quiet, for my mind is in tumult…what good can come from the slaughter of my people on this battlefield?” 

Have you ever been so lost and confused that you looked to someone for help or guidance? Much like Prince Arjuna does here, we too have someone we like to go to and ask for advice. As high school teachers, you may be the source of advice for some students. Shri Krishna does not leave Prince Arjuna without encouragement. Not only does he reassure Arjuna that death is a part of life, but he also reveals himself and allows Arjuna to see him in all his power and glory. While Shri Krishna is not at all weak, this moment of vulnerability allows Arjuna to trust in him even more.

Being a mentor can be overwhelming, but it is an important part of pedagogy. Perhaps you are not your students only mentor, and they have others they look up to such as an aunt, celebrity, or friend. An activity for students to complete would be to interview their mentors and ask them questions much like Arjuna did with Shri Krishna. This activity will build writing and comprehension skills, as well as give students the opportunity to use critical thinking and explore insightful questions to ask.

You might also consider exploring mentoring programs within your community. Trending mentor programs include:

Pop-Culture icon Miley Cyrus, has initiated her own mentoring program called the

Figure 3 source:

Happy Hippie Foundation. While the purpose of the foundation is to motivate youths to get involved in their communities and give refuge to homeless youth, Cyrus often gets involved and takes on the role of a mentor for certain individuals. One young man, Jesse Helt, was granted the wish of a life outside of poverty and employment as a singer when he was mentored by Cyrus. As mentors, we hold ourselves accountable for the future while simultaneously encouraging the lives of our students’ present.



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